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CrossFit Adaptation welcomes all athletes in their pursuit of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or are brand new to CrossFit, our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will assist you as you progress, and support you every step of the way.

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Workout of the Day

Wednesday April 24th, 2019

Part A:
In 15 minutes,
Accumulate 140m HSW

Min 1: 8 Lunge to Press HS Hold – weight shift
Min 2: :40 second hold perpendicular to wall

18 Strict HSPU
Rest 60 seconds
15 strict HSPU
Rest 45 seconds
12 strict HSPU
Rest 30 seconds
9 strict HSPU

6 Strict HSPU
Rest 60 seconds
5 strict HSPU
Rest 45 seconds
4 strict HSPU
Rest 30 seconds
3 strict HSPU

21 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 60 seconds
18 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 45 seconds
15 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 30 seconds
12 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)

Min 1-5
EMOM :30 second HS Hold
Min 6-8 – rest
Min 8-15

Same rep scheme with Box HSPU (18-15-12-9)
Same rep scheme with seated L-Sit DB Shoulder Press*
*Weight should be something you can handle for 5-6 reps before needing to break

Part B:
3 rounds:
1 min DB box step overs (50s/35s)
1 min rest
1 min Toes to Bar
1 min box jump overs
1 min rest
1 min Devils Press
1 min rest


Class Notes:
Two more weeks of HSPU / HSW work and then we’re going to start finding ways to incorporate it into metcons and other skill pieces. Hopefully you’re now more comfortable upside down or working on getting more comfortable week by week. Much like our bar muscle up cycle, this is all about accumulating reps to increase skills.

Part B should be a good test. You can do almost anything for 1 minute and those first round scores are going to be fire. But how about those round three scores? Can you stay consistent. I’d much rather you are within a few reps every round rather than blow out and have nothing in the tank the last time through.

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Olympic Lifting Clinic!

Sundays 10:00am

CrossFit Adaptation with Coach Rick Bucinell.

First class starts: MAY 5th 10:00am.

$150.00 flat fee


Olympic-style focus in six, 1-hour sessions totally dedicated to each of the Olympic lifts. Get the guidance to improve your lifting technique & recognize your mistakes on your own.

Imagine what moving more efficiently with proper technique can do to prevent injury & improve your WOD times!

~ Simple cues resulting in efficient movement
~ How your thoughts influence body mechanics
~ Mobility & flexibility techniques to improve your lifting
~ Purposeful accessory movements

(A minimum of 6 participants is needed for the clinic to be held)

Open to non-CrossFit members as well.


To sign up, click on the link below, click “Adaptation”, then select “Class Sessions”



Join a fun, challenging, and informative introduction to CrossFit and our gym. 6-8 one-hour sessions packed full of instruction, movements, and workouts!

MAY 2019 Elements
Mondays & Wednesdays 7:30pm. (starts May 6th)

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