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Workout of the Day

Tuesday June 27th, 2017

Part A:
Gymnastics Strength

EMOM 18 Minutes
Min 1: 30 second ring support hold
Min 2: 10 strict ring dips
Min 3: Rest
Min 4: 5 strict HSPU
Min 5: 30 second HS Hold
Min 6: Rest

C: 20 second hold / 8 ring dips / strict HSPU
M: Support hold with foot on box / box ring dips / Box HSPU

Part B:
C2B pull-up

(Time Cap 15 Minutes)

C: 30-20-10 Pistol to box or with rear toe touch / Pull-ups
M: 20-15-10 Reps / Bulgarian split squat or Pistol to box / Ring Rows



Class Notes
Gymnastics intent:
We’re continuing to build on our progressions. There’s built-in rest here to allow you to challenge yourself and give you a chance to recover between the segments.

Metcon intent:
The rep range is designed to help you go in larger sets and challenge yourself. There’s no right number of breaks, but if you do break, keep the break quick and stay under the bar or rings without walking away. Trust your fitness. On the pistols, choose the appropriate progression that allows you to reach proper depth and correct position.

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L1 Chinese Weightlifting Technique Seminar at CFA
When: Sunday June 25th 9-5pm
Where: 4144 S Four Mile Run Dr Arlington, Virginia


Olympic Lifting Workshop

Each Sunday, come work with Coach Rick, a 5-times Masters World Champion and Record holder.

90 Minutes of skill work & drills, specific to the Clean N Jerk, and Snatch.

Workshop alternates between CFA & CFFC.

(Always check website for details).

Gymnastics Workshop



July 2017 Elements Class

Join a fun, challenging, and informative introduction to CrossFit and our gym. 6-8 one-hour sessions packed full of instruction, movements, and workouts!

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~ Monday/Wednesday 6:30am (starts July 10th)
~ Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm (starts July 10th)


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