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CrossFit Adaptation welcomes all athletes in their pursuit of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or are brand new to CrossFit, our staff is dedicated.  We have some of the most experienced coaches on staff, & we aim to providing a CrossFit gym for you to reach your fitness goals.

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Come by for a FREE workout! We offer a free, 1-hour class for prospective clients, every Saturday at 12 noon. You’ll see the gym, meet the coaches, gain valuable information, & get a great workout.  Designed for all levels.

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Workout of the Day

Wednesday July 27th, 2016

Big Congrats to Lisa G, who took 1st Place in her weight class at the Lorton Strength Comp this past weekend.

Part A:
Snatch Classic Singles
EMOM 10 Minutes
1-5 min 70%
6-8 min 80%
9 & 10 min 90%

Part B:
Push Press
3×5 (at 70%)

Part C:
Barbell Quad Roll-outs
(3 Minutes per side)

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More Muscle $70
Cocoon $70
Recovery $60
Single Packets $2.75


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Original-Chocolate Coconut-Chocolate Peanut Butter …
$3.50 (single)
$20 (6-pack)


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Join a fun, challenging, & informative introduction to CrossFit and our gym. 6-8 one-hour sessions packed full of instruction, movements, & workouts!

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~ Wednesday/Friday 6:30am (starts Aug 3rd)
~ Tuesday/Thursday 7:30pm (starts Aug 2nd)

NEW! CrossFit Endurance Mid-Week Workshops for July


When: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm (starts Thursday the 14th)
Where: CrossFit Adaptation

This workshop is open to member-athletes of all ability levels. During the workshop, Patricia will teach athletes to improve their running form and how to develop greater cardiovascular capacity, stamina and speed using the CrossFit Endurance methodology.

ART Massage Coming to CFA and CF Falls Church!


Farid Mohammadi, sports chiropractor with Virginia Sports and Spine, is now offering hours at CFFC in the upstairs office space and will soon be at CFA as well. His biomechanical assessments (Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Functional Movement Screening) will find the root cause of injuries which will be followed by treatment and rehab to prevent future reoccurrence. Treatments include chiropractic mobilization, manual therapy (Active Release Technique, Graston Technique), Dry Needling, and rehabilitation.  $100 for the first visit (full assessment), and subsequent visits $50. Now accepting clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Email Farid here to schedule an appointment or for more information:

Gymnastics Workshop

January 31, 2015 Kx-16

WHEN: Sunday July 24th, 2016 @ 10:00am
WHERE: CrossFit Falls Church

Led by Coach Emily. Come in for 90 minutes of skill sets & gymnastics work!

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You won’t be disappointed.

Muscle Activation Technique

CrossFit Adaptation is proud to partner with Katrina Romain from True Fitness. Katrina will be available by appointment, working out of the upstairs office at CFA for her specialty – Muscle Activation Technique.

Check out her Facebook Page HERE

Contact Katrina for appointments by email HERE , or by phone (703) 399-9226.

Free Weeknight Class

Next One – Monday JULY 25th at 6:30pm.
We’ll be hosting one free weeknight class every month for potential clients!
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~ Saturdays Free 12noon classes are still scheduled