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Tuesday November 14th, 2017

Huge congrats to our own Adaptation Barbell Club for competing and taking 3 Gold medals at the American Master Championships in Savannah, GA. Coach Rick, Kristan, and Laura!


Intent: Lower Body Breathing

Part A:
20 minutes to build to 1RM Power Clean

Part B:
Tester: Bergeron Beep Test

EMOM til failure
7 Thrusters (75/55)
7 Pull Ups
7 Burpees

* 16 minute cap

C: E90 seconds
M: E2MOM – Ring rows, 55/35 thrusters, burpee


Class Notes:
Let’s set some PRs. You’ve have been drilling positions for a month now – working on keeping the bar close, fully extending, and catching in a great receiving position. Today is the day to put that all together and hit a big PR.

Last week you worked the Beep Test rep scheme with built in rest. If you were unable to stay approximately on the minute, please chose the every 90 second option or the every 2 minute option for today’s workout.

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