Workout of the Day

Thursday September 12th, 2019

Part A:
“Strict JT”
Strict HSPU
Strict Ring Dip

Time cap: 20 minutes

Ring Dip

Time cap: 20 minutes

DB Shoulder Press (seated)
Box Ring Dip

Time cap: 20 minutes

Part B:
Intensity / Consistency:
In 12 minutes, accumulate AMRAP of

1 bar muscle up
1 strict pull-up
Add +1 rep after each successful round.

Rest as needed to hit each set unbroken. If you fail, go back to 1/1 of each movement

E90 seconds for 10 rounds
3 Jumping Bar Muscle ups or C2B


Class Notes:
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Jeffrey S. Taylor was born 18 May 1975 in Beckley, West Virginia. He attended Independence High School in Coal City, West Virginia, and enlisted in the Navy on 20 June 1994. Taylor was killed when his helicopter was shot down as it was rushing to aid a stranded team, He was serving with SEAL Team 10.

Part A is another chance to tackle a hero workout this month. We completed Jerry last week, which was a long, grinder of cardio. This week it’s JT, which requires significant amounts of skill. And for those of you to want to do RX, the movements must be strict.

Part B is self-paced additional gymnastics training. The goal here is to build up pulling capacity. Most folks won’t get far beyond 3/3 or 4/4 unbroken before missing a rep. That’s okay. The goal is to practice the movements and starting with 1/1 is a great way to accumulate reps without a lot of impact.

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