Workout of the Day

Thursday December 7th, 2017

Part A:
6 Rounds
6 No-Touch Box Jumps Overs
6 Ring Muscle Ups
30 Double Unders

** 14 min time cap

I: 24/20”
C: 24/20 – land on box, 12 C2B
M: 24/20 Step-ups, 12 banded pull down and through or 8 ring rows
2:1 Single : Double under scale

Part B:
Accessory Work:
In 15 minutes, accumulate 3 sets:
10 Single Arm Upright Row (1/.75 pd)
10 Pendlay Rows (.75% BW)
10 Deadbugs


Class Notes:

We’re flipping the day a little and doing our metcon before the strength work today. For the no touch box jump overs RX means you cannot touch the box on the way over. For females, one option is to put a bench on two 45# plates (one under each side of the bench) to equal 20” in height. That provides a much narrower “box” to jump over.

Part B is designed to provide balance to some typical weak areas in your body with single arm KB upright rows, Pendlay rows, and deadbugs. Each that time to focus on technique without rushing through it.

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