Workout of the Day

Monday February 11th, 2019

With 3 minutes of work / 1 minute of rest, complete:

100 Wall Balls
25 Box Step Overs (24/20 – 50s/35s)
100/80 Cal Row
25 Box Step Overs (24/20 – 50s/35s)
100 Wall Balls

I/C: 20/14 – 10’
M: 14/10 – 10/9’; Box Step Overs (25s/15s – 24/20” OR no weight); 80/60 cal row


Class Notes:
Today is an interesting twist on a straight through chipper style workout. Rather than just taking breaks when you need one, try and hang on for the 3 minute rounds and then really use the 1 minute breaks to recover your breath. Practice breathing deeply on the break to try and clear CO2 from your lungs and start each next round fresh.

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