Sunday January 21st, 2018

Open Gym
900am & 600pm


Olympic Lifting Workshop with Rick
@ CrossFit Adaptation 10-1130am


Gymnastics Workshop with Emily
@ CrossFit Falls Church 10-1130am


Yoga with Lucy
@ 700pm

Saturday January 20th, 2018

Open 17.1
10 DB Snatch (50/35#)
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20”)
20 DB Snatch
30 DB Snatch
40 DB Snatch
50 DB Snatch

Cap: 20 minutes


Class Notes:
Woof. There it is. 17.1 was, by far, my least favorite workout. It was the first time dumbbells showed up in the Open. It was a “for time” workout, where more than half the community hit the time cap. It’s one of the reasons we’ve done so much dumbbell work this year – to prep for this particular workout. So let’s get after it.
How do you attack 17.1? You pace, and you pace again. The DB snatches are a trap and the ascending rep scheme is a trap. This entire workout is about your ability to pace and continue moving on the burpee box jump overs. If you can maintain the same pace for the BBJO (between 1-2 minutes for each round of 15 BBJO), you will finish the workout. If you do the first round of BBJO in :45 seconds and come out of the gates hot, you run the risk of not finishing the workout.
Bottom line – have fun. See how much you improved from 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Friday January 19th, 2018

Part A:
42 Calorie Row
21 Ring Dips
30 Calorie Row
15 Ring Dips
18 Calorie Row
9 Ring Dips

EMOM – 3 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

C: Strict Pull-ups / Ring Dips (15-10-5)
M: Box Ring Dips / 1 strict pull-up or 3 ring rows

**Cap: 20 minutes**

Part B:
1 – 10 bent over row (75% BW)
2 – 15 slam ball sit-ups (20/15#)
3 – :45 second plank hold


Class Notes:

The rowing and ring dips would be a fun push/pull couplet. But there’s an added element here of the pull-ups every minute. They are purposefully strict to slow down the movement. So you’re going to have to practice a couple things in this workout – making quick transitions on and off the rower, starting the ring dip reps a little sooner than you’d like, and being smart about managing heart rate so you don’t fail any reps. It’s a fun workout – scaled correctly, the time cap should be easily manageable.

Part B is a Friday Core Day. We’re working and developing the stability of your core in multiple ways and multiple planes. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like their core to feel great on a Friday night?

Thursday January 18th, 2018

Part A:
Squat Snatch Isabel

30 Squat Snatch, for time.

I: 135/95
C: 115.85
M: 95/65

Cap: 10 minutes

Part B:
3 Rounds (NFT)
10 TTB
20 Pistols (alternating)
10 Bottoms up KB Press, per side


Class Notes:
This week we’ve started simple (air squats) and moved all the way through the most complex movements we have. Today we’re snatching. And we’re snatching 30 reps for time. Isabel is a great workout. A couple weeks ago, you did the power version of Isabel as part of a long chipper on a Saturday (maybe with a partner). Don’t get overwhelmed by having to do 30 squat snatches. Break it up mentally into manageable sets and chip through. Scale correctly and the time cap is easily beatable.

Part B continues our bulletproofing and skill work. These are small rep ranges. Do the rep perfectly even though you’re tired. The work that you do now under these conditions will make a difference down the line.

Wednesday January 18th, 2018

Part A:
E3MOM for 8 rounds
:20 second Max Cal AB

Part B:
1 attempt at Max Squat Clean

Protocol: Use as much of the three minutes as possible, but you only have one attempt and you must be on the bike again at the 3 minute mark.

Score A: Total Calories on the bike.
Score B: Heaviest Successful weight.


Class Notes:
How about this twist on Assault Bike Wednesdays? How about your least favorite movement – max AB cals on a fixed time window – and combine it with one of the most fun – a 1RM squat clean attempt? Two scores today. Go after both scores with the same amount of intensity.

Tuesday January 16th, 2018

Part A:
Open 15.4
3 Power Clean (185/125)
3 Power Clean
3 Power Clean
6 Power Clean
6 Power Clean
6 Power Clean
9 Power Clean

Continue on the same pattern (add 3 HSPU every round, add 3 Power Clean every 3 rounds)

I/C – 185/125, same gymnastics
M: Box HSPU; 115/75 PC

Part B:
Strict Press
5 sets Every 2:30
5 reps building

Protocol: Build to a manageable set with no form degradation.


Class Notes:
It’s Open season, so let’s do an Open workout. 15.4 was a great workout for a lot of folks because it was their chance to get their first handstand pushup. If you’ve been working those box HSPU or scales, today is your chance to test out your progress.
For those of you whom HSPUs are easy and the PC weight is relatively light, this workout is all gas. At some point you will fail on the HSPU. Anticipate it, embrace it, and switch to doing quicker sets (1-3 reps) with a quick rest interval (5-10 seconds). It’s only 8 minutes and every rep on the wall will provide separation.

Part B is designed to test strength under fatigue. The strict press has no set weight percentages, so you can work at just the barbell or you can load it up to 100% for 5 reps. Just watch body position and make sure you maintain good core control. My recommendation – work up to about 60-70% of your 1RM strict press for your sets of 5 and focus on perfect form – core tight, driving through the midline, full extension, head through.

Monday January 15th, 2018

Normal Schedule.

Part A:
AMRAP 8 minutes
40 Air Squats
10 Pull-ups
30 Air Squats
20 Pull-ups
20 Air Squats
30 Pull-ups

I/C: Same
M: 1:1 Ring Row: Pullups or ½ reps of pullups (ie: 5, 10, 15 pullups)

Part B:
Tempo Front Squats
E3MOM for 5 rounds
4 reps at 4202 tempo between 75-85% of Squat Clean max or 75% of 1RM FS


Class Notes:
Welcome to the next block! This block flips our traditional training on its head. We’re now going to be doing our metabolic conditioning first almost every day. Then we’ll do strength work like today – percentage work designed to maintain strength and work time under tension on a clock.

Part A is deceptive. Anytime you see relatively simple movement in a couplet like this, it’s a good chance to test your ability to transition quickly between movements. Part B is going to be equally tough. The good news – you definitely won’t need a warm-up!
One final note – air squats are an easy rep to not complete RX. Your coaches will be watching and no repping liberally. Don’t argue back. You can’t see your own range of motion. Adjust course and either go a little deeper or stand up a little more. You don’t have to pause at each point in the range of motion, but you have to hit it.

Also, if you don’t care about movement standards, don’t click the RX button. It’s all good if you don’t care and you just want to move ultra fast. But it’s not fair to those who do care.

Sunday January 14th, 2018

Open Gym
900am & 600pm


Olympic Lifting Workshop with Rick
@ CrossFit Falls Church


Resumes next weekend.


YOGA tonight at 700pm
with Lucy

Saturday January 13th, 2018

5 Rounds
25 Wall Balls (20/14 – 10/9’ target)
15 Hand Release Pushups
10 Box Jumps (30/24”)
Rest 1 minute

C – 24/20
M – 24/20 or step ups

Friday January 12th, 2018

Part A:
AMRAP 14 minutes
10 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlift (185/125)
5 Bar Muscle Ups
5 Power Cleans (185/125)

C: 135/95, Chest to Bar
M: KTE, 96/65, pullups or ring rows

Part B:
EMOM for 10 minutes
5-10 HSPU


Class Notes:

Just like on Tuesday, you’re doing skill work second today. The metcon is designed to be a weight that you can do the DL unbroken and the PC as singles.
In Part B – pick a number and stick with it. Choose your appropriate scale (on the box or seated L-sit press). Remember, no more than 1 ab mat for scaling. If you’re using 2 ab mats, you’re not giving yourself any benefit.