Monday April 22nd, 2019

Part A:
E2MOM for 10 Rounds
Build to heavy Squat Clean and Jerk*

*4 lateral over the bar burpees, before each attempt (even fails)

Part B:
Squat Clean Thruster (185/125)
Strict Ring Muscle Up

C: 165/115; 2:1 Strict C2B pull-ups
M: 115/75; Strict Pull-ups or 2:1 Feet Elevated Ring Row

Time cap: 10 minutes


Class Notes:
Okay – we did a big front squat cycle and we did a lot of work on fast elbows and big pulls with our power clean workouts. We’re going to put it together into a heavy squat clean and jerk. But don’t necessarily focus on hitting a new PR. Before each attempt you must do 4 lateral over the bar burpees.

Part B is going to be tough but it’s manageable. This is not necessarily designed to be a sprint workout, but more of a grind to push yourself through something challenging. Today is the day to try a heavier load.

Sunday April 21st, 2019

Open Gym
900am & 600pm


Olympic Lifting Workshop with Rick
at CrossFit Falls Church 10:00am

Circuit Fit (6:00pm)
Teams of 2
8 Rounds
10 Box Jumps
15 DB Front Squats (35’s/25’s)
400m Row

4 rounds each. Switching after completing rounds.

Then buy out – 800m Run, together.

Saturday April 20th, 2019

Buy-in: Run 1 mile with a medball

10 Front Squats (225/155)
15 Power Clean (185/125)
20 Thrusters 135/95
15 Power Cleans 185/125
10 Front Squats 225/155

Front squat (185/125)
Power clean (155/105)
Thruster (95/65)

Front squat (135/95)
Power clean (105/75)
Thruster (75/55)

2:1 single to double under

Run scale – 1 mile run without medball or weighted 400m walk with medball

Buy out:
100 double unders


Class Notes:
I have been waiting patiently for this day for a long time. The buy-in for today’s AMRAP is a 1 mile run with a 20/14# medball. If you’re not a runner but can still walk, do an 400m walk with a medball.

Then in the gym, work is a straight chipper. You’re responsible for changing your weight between movements.

Friday April 19th, 2019

Part A:
In 15 minutes, establish 1RM weighted strict Pull Up

If still working to strict pull-ups, do your first strict Pull Up.

Min 1: :30 second chin over bar hold
Min 2: :20 second negative
Min 3: Max Banded Pull-ups with least tension possible

Part B:
E5MOM for 4 Rounds
Max Calorie AB for :30 seconds
Rest :30, then:

From 1:00 – 3:00
AMRAP 2 mins
10 Burpee to Target
10 Slamball Sit Ups (20/15)

Rest Min 3:00 – 5:00

Score: Total reps of AB cals, Burpees, & Sit ups

(If rowing – 1:1 row:AB time)


Class Notes:
The last re-test of this cycle will be a re-visit of the 1RM weighted strict pull-up. I’m excited to see the results after we’ve done a LOT of strict pull-ups in the last few weeks. Everyone is much stronger in the vertical pulling plane now.

I’m also always excited to see folks continue working towards their first strict pull-up. Every chance you have, try and test yourself.

Part B is a re-visit to an old friend – the AB and those nasty sprint intervals. 30 seconds is a longer interval, so start fast and hold on. Oh, and let’s add an AMRAP of burpee to target and sit-ups during your “recovery.”

Thursday April 18th, 2019

Part A:
In 20 minutes, establish 1RM OHS

Part B:
AMRAP 7 mins
5 Hang Power Snatch
15 Cal Row

I: 135/85
C: 95/65
M: 75/55

Class Notes
You’ve been pushing hard on your OHS cycle for several weeks. Today’s the day to ring that PR bell. My suggested loading patterns – 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 102, 105, 108+%

Part B is grippy and your grip might still be toast from yesterday. If that’s the case, scale down, focus on good movement integrity and move quickly.

Wednesday April 17th, 2019

Part A:
On a running clock:
Power Clean (225/155)
Chest to Bar

Power Clean 155/105

M: Same Rep Scheme as “C”
Power Clean – 95/65
Pull-ups or Ring Rows

At 20:00 minute mark

Part B:
BF Burpee
*Same weight as PC

Total Time for Part A:
Total Time for Part B (from clock 20:00 mark)


Class Notes:
See, I told you we do a lot of barbell work! I love, love, love this workout. Part A is all about pushing boundaries and working at the end range of fitness. These PC are definitely designed to be done in singles and your grip and pull will become more fatigued as the workout progresses. The DL and Burpee second piece is all about testing your strength endurance under fatigue. It’s a beast of a workout.

Tuesday April 16th, 2019

Part A:
In 15 minutes,
Accumulate 120m HSW

Min 1: 5 Lunge to Press HS Hold – weight shift
Min 2: :30 second hold perpendicular to wall

15 Strict HSPU
Rest 60 seconds
12 strict HSPU
Rest 45 seconds
9 strict HSPU
Rest 30 seconds
6 strict HSPU

5 Strict HSPU
Rest 60 seconds
4 strict HSPU
Rest 45 seconds
3 strict HSPU
Rest 30 seconds
2 strict HSPU

18 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 60 seconds
15 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 45 seconds
12 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)
Rest 30 seconds
9 Deficit HSPU (45/35# plate with ab mat)

Min 1-5
EMOM :30 second HS Hold
Min 6-8 Rest
Min 8-15

Same rep scheme with Box HSPU (15-12-9-6)
Same rep scheme with seated L-Sit DB Shoulder Press*
*Weight should be something you can handle for 5-6 reps before needing to break

Part B:
10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
10 Toes to Bar
Run 200m
Rest 1:1 (work:rest)

Score = Rounds plus Reps
200m = 1 rep

C: Same
M: Box step overs; Knee Raises; 100m run

Class Notes:
Today continues our time spent upside down. This cycle is all about building confidence, capability, and capacity in those positions.

Part B is a simple triplet. But it’s a SPRINT each round. This ought to be a ton of fun. How much can you push the run when you’re under fatigue? Don’t run each other over on the way in and out the doors.

Monday April 15th, 2019

Part A:
In 25 minutes, establish 3RM Front Squat

Part B:
E3MOM for 5 Rounds
75 Double Unders
15 Russian KB Swings (1.5/1 pd)
30 Air Squats

I/C – Same
M: 1/.66 pd


Class Notes:
Very obviously the focus today is to PR your 3RM Front Squat. Take big jumps early on through about 70-75% and do 3’s as you’re building. Once you get to 75%, switch to singles just to feel something heavy until you’re going for a PR. Do not lift your old 3RM weight again. Don’t be surprised if you have two PRs in the tank, so plan for an attempt at minute 20 and then another PR at minute 24.

Part B is simple, straightforward fitness. This is going to seem very easy in rounds 1 and 2. By round 4 and 5 there’s some danger of being time capped.

Sunday April 14th, 2019

Open Gym
900am & 600pm


Olympic Lifting Workshop with Rick
@ CrossFit Adaptation 10:00am

Circuit Fit (6:00pm)
Row 2500m for time.
Every 3 mins (starting at 0:00):
30 DU

Saturday April 13th, 2019

5 Rounds
1 Legless Rope Climb
3 Power Cleans (225/155)
15 Lateral Burpees over the Bar
400m run

C: Regular Rope Climbs; 185/125 Power Clean
M: Rope Stand-ups: 135/95 PC


Class Notes:
A long, high-skill, heavy workout to finish this week. Have fun!