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CrossFit Adaptation

Adaptation Athletics was established in 2010. Our coaches are some of the most experienced in the DC area and are always educating themselves to better serve our athletes. We promise that you will never get bored with our constantly varied programming and that we can scale any workout to meet your needs. You will always feel challenged under the supervision of our professional staff.

New to CrossFit

No matter your athletic background, Adaptation Athletics has designed a comprehensive program focused on an introduction to Functional Fitness. Our Elements program is informative & effective. Learn movements and the concepts of our program.

Functional Fitness is challenging. Come & challenge yourself.

Six, one-hour group class sessions complete our required curriculum. Get strong. Get fit. Evolve.

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Experienced Athletes

      If you’re an experienced Functional Fitness athlete from another box, affiliate, or gym looking to continue your dedication and passion, Adaptation Athlteics has much to offer you. Our programming is challenging, and set to push your potential and limits for continued success in all aspects of Functional Fitness.

We welcome you.

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